Bohdan Liesnikov

At the moment I’m doing a PhD at TU Delft with Jesper Cockx. I’m working on dependently-typed programming languages, in particular anything that has to do with their usability.

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While at TU Delft I developed a project and helped run FP course for BSc students, and during my time at Saarland I TA-ed Introduction to Computational Logic.

I've also been involved in bunch of meetups: co-organised FP Dag 2024, co-founded Papers We Love Kyiv, helped run and gave a talk at Kyiv::fprog.

Personal details

In professional circles I go by my full name: Bohdan Liesnikov. Outside of work I go by Dana, though my Ukrainian friends mostly know me as Богдан.

If you'd like to contact me you can send a message on Mastodon or reach out via email: b dot mylastname at gmail.